Owned Bimbo Slave

I am a bimbo slave girl registered under number: 580-167-937. My purpose is to serve my Owner the best as I can and be the fuck doll that He makes of me. I am His creation and everything that I do, I do with His best interest at heart, in full trust, respect and consent. I’m thankfull for recieving His guidance, intense training and all the help that I need with the bimboification process that I’m going through.

It makes me happy that my Owner makes sure that both our needs and desires get fullfilled. He loans His property out to pleasure anyone of His choice knowing that His fuck doll works hard to make Him proud because she knows she is a reflection of her Owner. He’s making sure she gets used and filled regularly. He will remain my only Master but I have to submit to others when He tells me to or be a Domme to subs if that is what’s required.

I feel proud to show off the body that my Owner enhanced for me to make me into the sexual object of His dreams. My Owner makes me feel respected, protected, taken care of and loved. I trust in the vision He has for us and work passionately on the goals that He set out for me. Because of this complete trust in Him I can let go and know that everything will be alright even when all that I can remember is how to do my make up. My Owner shapes not only my body but in the first place my mind and I go into hypno trance for Him to let Him install the triggers that modificate my behavior.

I love that my Owner changes my appearance and because of that has control over the way other people percieve me; like the bimbo slut that I actually am. My Owner teached me to love my body and make it do all the things I never thought it could. His bimbo feels no shame or any other restricting feelings when it comes to her body and sexuality. I feel free to flirt, flawn my body, tease and show off as much as I possibly can and want. Feeling His support and being proud of what He has created.

My Owner makes me feel free and pure as He brings out my instinct and feral love for cock and cum. Feeling no shame or restrictions but only deep lust and excitement. I am a sexual object, a lustfull creature and His horny bitch in heat. My Owner knows how much His bimbo loves to get used and suck cock. My mind and body is trained by Him to crave sex always and serve Him at all times. My body and mind are His to do with as He pleases and it responds immediately with raw, dripping excitement whenever He has use for it.

As His sexual object, a bimbo fuck doll, I have learned to show off as much as possible. Making photo and video content is a part of the process that I am going through. Which I do proudly and shamelessly. I love my Owner and the path that He guides me on, knowing what a lucky fucking cunt I am.

Music: Pour it up – Rihanna.

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