Last night my friend and I prepared for a fetish party again! Went to her place this time. So I already put an outfit together at my place and created a look with make up for a bimbo who wanted to party and have fun! 😉 At my friends place we got dolled up together and I took some time to try on her awesome high heels. We have the same clothing and shoe size, it’s so awesome!


Two more friends arrived while we were getting dressed, so we were ready to go to that party! Luckely we could go by car and the guys guided us when we were so high heeled!

The location of the event, a brothel in the Hague, was truely amazing! We did a quick tour starting at the bar in the cellar. It was dark but comfortable with couches and other spaces to relax and have some fun! There were a few poles and already people dancing to industrial music.

We went upstairs and discoverd different rooms for playing, with all kinds of attributes. Crosses, swings, beds and also big round bath tubs! So we went in and decided we would come back later to actually fill one to warm up in the water.

A little room was set up for an intimate doctors apointment! So I couldn’t help myself and immediately got into the gyneacologist seat and wondered where they would keep the seculums! I felt more than comfortable in that chair!

After being challenged by the stairs again we went to the pool that me and one of my new friends got into. I was prepared for this, wearing only my latex thong and fishnet tights. Latex and water is such a good combination. It felt really great! I would love to be put into a latex suit some time and then be put into the water. While being bound.. that will be so hot!

We spend some time meeting people, dancing, flirting, having fun.. swimming in the poo and chilling in the tub. It was an awesome night! Loved being able to wear almost nothing at a party again! Freedom! So nice! And the vibe of the location felt so right for me. I wondered what it would be like to work at such a place, well, maybe some time I’ll find out if my Sir lets me work for him! 🙂


Absolutely love these shoes! I’m walking on high heels everyday now. I’ve got some stripper heels in my collection and my ballet boots. They are amazing but I can’t wear them when I have no one with me to guide me if needed so I’m going to look for shoes that are really hot and bimbo like these! The high heels that I use daily now are more casual, got a few boots too which are hot and do the job. I am able to wear them to work but during my free time I like to put on some wild, red high heels! 🙂

Oh… how much I am looking forward to Wasteland and my trip to Paris! Feeling like a kid before Christmas! 😀


Music: Tim Deluxe ft. Sam Obernik – It just won’t do

With love,

Arienh Xx ❤

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