Boudoir Bizarre

Had such a great time last night with my friend! Took her to Boudoir Bizarre! Her first fetish party! It was so much fun at home, making dinner, dressing up and doing make up together while listening to 90’s – 00’s music and singing along. It’s fun when you went to highschool together you remember those songs and can talk about the time when these were hits and what you were doing at that time in your life.

We even went out on time and were at the party quite early. When we were still outside of Club Panama we met our Pony friend! Who told us where to go at the party and we could just ask any question about all the what, who, where’s. So  helpfull!

Aside from the dressing room there was a really tall male sub who was shining the latex that quests were wearing. He did that so passionately and respectful, super beautiful. Even with my high Pleasers on the towered over me, loved it. So I asked him to shine my latex too, even though I only wore a rubber thong. So he got on his knees and made me shine! Was a really nice experience.

My friend and I met some nice people, danced a bit. It was so much fun to introduce her into the scene. Loved to look out for her and check on her to see if she was still enjoying the party. To see her happy and having fun was such a great feeling. I was able to walk on my high heels all night because she offered me her hand everytime we walked some place else. Such a good girl!

We met many awesome people at the party. Everyone was so open and being themself, respectful and kind.

At the end of the evening we were sitting down to chill and chat a bit. Our Pony friend and I were talking my Pleaser heels. Oh how much I loved wearing them and how much he loved that I did. So very respectfully he got on his knees in front of me and kissed my high heels. So there I had yet another ‘Domme’ experience! I’ve always seen the beauty in submission but I never experienced it last night. It made me feel very good to see a sub so happy enjoying the moment. I love these beautiful and intense moments.

Though I don’t see myself as a Domme or think I would do a scene or actually train a sub. It’s really special and shouldn’t be thought lightly of. There’s so much responsibility which as a just single sub I am not willing to take on. I do however enjoy giving back the love and respect to the subs. Met some really special ones last night!

I think it’s good to learn a bit about both sides, because you can understand each other better and have a more intimate mental connection.

My friend and I have already planned the upcoming event, so much more fun to write about soon! Xx


Really loved walking around at a party like this, so free, bimbo and fun!

Music: Creep – Lambretta

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