Kiss me with your eyes closed

I know that you like me, kiss me with your eyes closed. I want your mind to spin and make your blood flow. Electrify me with your touch, I feel my cheeks blush but I’m gonna hush. Now baby hush. Don’t let it show. Soon the sun will hide it’s face behind the world and the sky will embrace the moon. Though like my candles you are lighting up the room. Secretely I drip before you. I won’t tell how much I want to feel your fingers do the walking. How much I want us to stop talking.

Put your arms around my waist, pull me closer so I can feel you breathe. I keep my eyes on the wall so I cannot see your face. My tounge dances behind my lips for you, while I imagine how you would taste. The fog enters my brain while my body burns in the fire with which we play. You’re taking me to heights, you are making me insane. You know how much I love the chase, knowing that it is a dangerous game we’re playing.


Music: Lil Peep – The way I see things


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