Shooting in Germany

Just got back from my trip to Germany. I’m completely exhausted but feeling very satisfied. My bags are still unpacked but just wanted to sit down and write about these days when it’s fresh 🙂

Yesterday RopeMarks and I went to the studio of Marquis to do an interview with demo’s for RF- tv with the owner of Rubbers Finest. Got to wear some really awesome thick and heavy rubber masks. It was an intense but wonderfull experience to have my face completely covered with the rubber, isolating me from the world around me. Especially while RopeMarks does all kind of things to my body and with that my brain too. Experienced such a rush and got back to the real world completely high and spacing. Loved it! The best thing is that it’s all caught on camera! Chris Hammer was also with us to make pictures aside from the video material.

After being dolled up in latex, high heels and wearing all the make up and big fake lashes and everything for the demo’s we got to the interview part. RopeMarks got interviewed by RF-tv and I was standing there next to him, smiling a bit, looking dolled up and pretty, silently, submissive, obedient.. being a little bimbo doll. It’s not like I didn’t had anything to say at all, I’m just more of a writer. Especially because I was in this submissive bimbo mindset. It was fine and fit the moment. Perhaps I will talk more during an interview in the future but for now I’m okay while just being exposed and happy.

Maybe some other time I’ll be silently flanking RopeMarks in slave mode. Or you’ll see me on another occassion feeling little, whatever I feel in the moment, just going to let it out, it will be alright 🙂

After this wonderful day we all went out for dinner together, I really like this a lot. It’s so nice to chill, have a drink. Talking about the day and getting to know each other a bit better aside from shooting and work. Yesterday was awesome, had a really good time, thank you! 🙂

Today we went to Chris Hammer again. We did some really cool sets today. Again I was feeling so comfortable and not nervous at all. It’s becoming easier for me to model, which makes it so much more fun! I always feel so happy and excited! I’m just in my element when we’re working on something awesome again. The whole trip and everything I just love every second of it! Not just the intense things we do.

I always think, oh oh, will I be able to do this? Can I still go on? When it becomes more intense I think: why do I always do these things? Why do I get myself all tied up and tortured.. but I just love it so much. It gives me such a rush, a kick and I’m just feeling whole and myself and happy. It’s because I feel safe and I feel there’s trust, I can let go and give everything that I have to offer. It’s wonderfull.

RopeMarks made use of me again, also my septum ring this time. I loved it so much!! It had a purpose of course, but now it got used finally! So hot! He also put me in my favorite bondage position again… the reversed prayer. Oh my, it just feels amazing!

When Chris also surprised me by giving me shoes that I have wanted for a really long time I was just in heaven. I mean, just silent. Didn’t know what to say anymore for a while. Chris had told me that he would get me ballet boots by Devious for the next shoot we did together. I never expected that he would actually give me the shoes. I mean I wear really awesome clothes and kink wear during shoots. But this was just a dream come true. Chris knew exactly which type of ballet heels I loved the most.. the knee high leather ballet boots.. Even the smell of the completely new leather shoes, so nice! What a gift! I’m so thankful! Will remember these wonderfull days everytime I wear them! Thank you so much!

Hope to work with you all again soon, it was awesome!

Right now I’m so tired! So I’m going to bed, got to wake up at 6:00 because I have to open the shop. Tomorrow I will feel so happy still, for sure!

Will soon upload more pictures of these days on my Fetlife account and of course of these pretty shoes!

With love, Arienh Xx


Music: Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd, The Wall, 1979.

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