Bimbo love

Bimbofied objects don’t need thinking. Just go deeper and deeper, keep on sinking. I can’t remember the last time that I could hold on to a thought. But I don’t mind that I keep forgetting a lot. I don’t mind.. It’s blank, gazing eyes, a dumb little smile. All I need to remember is how to do my make up. It’s a routine that I’ve been practising for you.

Responding to impulses, spontanious, as a reflex. It’s instinct baby, it’s primal, feral love. Trained as a bitch, I’m willing and eager. If you want to play, let’s play. If you want to go then we can go. I need you to think for me. Make me believe in all that you are saying. You know I’m going to fall for it. You know that I believe. I will fall for you again. I’ll forget what you made me do and all that you put me through and the next time I’ll be happy and eager again just to please you.

You make me feel so high. I’m seeing stars but It’s alright. I’ve got no shame baby. The only thing that matters now is that I want to play and have fun. So I need you to give it to me. I’m looking my best for you all here. Shown off like the object that I am. You can use me and abuse me. Take control and loan me out to others to play with. I love that they keep chasing me, playing with me. I promise I will make you proud Daddy.

I need your protection baby. I’m thoughtless and naieve. Keep your eyes on me, I won’t be far but they got their hands on me and men are strong. I am fragile and I’m weak. I make their wildest dreams come true but you know I do that all for you. You shown me what this body is made for and teached me all that it can do. I don’t need to understand no more. You got me and I got you.

You set the pace and make me sway. I open wide, losing my mind. You give me the stars, you make me high. Holding me in the palm of your hand. You can be the boss Daddy. Just got to go with the flow, they can come and they can go.


Music: Star Shopping – Lil Peep

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