This morning I didn't feel right at all. I don't even know what was going on exactly but I was upset, frustrated and angry. Often I experience things differently than other people. This can be because of my 'borderline lense' or because I'm a highly sensitive person and notice or sense a lot more. Sometimes [...]

Cat cafe

My blog is a little bit dead lately, because I've been busy. Next wednesday I start with the DGT group. The last few weeks I've been preparing for it, started with my first homework. I'll be busy with group every wednesday for a year and also one hour of indivitual therapy, which will be on [...]


Yes, what a word right? It's really a lot of points on a crabble board! In a moment I'll explain what this means. A few weeks ago I looked at my wardrobe and it really started to annoy me that I have so many different styles in my closet, that just don't seem to match [...]

Comparing twins

Yesterday wasn't such a good day, although work helps sometimes I kept feeling depressed deep inside. The kind of depression in borderline is often similar to agitated depression, but it comes up in shorter episodes instead of the depression that you might have heared about that lasts for longer periods at a time. With agitated [...]


Lately it's becoming difficult for me to stay in one place. I'm here physically but I'm not present nor am I available. Not sure what it is. The summer has started though. Maybe there have been triggers. It's just that I find myself feeling very disconnected, it's like there is nothing inside of me. Maybe [...]